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1849-1851 ~ Blinn's Inn
1851-1870 ~ Kimball's Hotel/Knowlton Stage House

Built in 1849 by Edward Blinn who aptly named this first public establishment offering accommodation, food and beverage, Blinn's Inn. Located in the heart of bustlingKnowlton, Blinn's Inn also benefited from the fact that the stagecoach route from the Bolton Pass to Gilman's Corner passed before its very doors.
In 1851, Blinn sold the Inn to Albert Kimball, who changed the name to Kimball's Hotel and the Knowlton Stage House. For many years, two generations of Kimballs dispensed hospitality on this ever-popular corner.

1870-1900 ~ The Railroad House

In the early 1870s, with an eye to improving business and capitalizing on the arrival of the railroad in Knowlton, the Kimballs expanded the building to the west and re-named it The Railroad House.

1900-1922 ~ Robinson's Hotel

At the turn of the century, the Inn was purchased by James Robinson of North Sutton, who renovated and re-decorated the building. He later added the third storey and the Robinson's Hotel sign on the upper gallery signaled to all that business was booming. Robinson's sons, George and Nelson, continued to run the thriving business until the late 1920s.

1922-1944 ~ Hôtel Robinson

Following the Robinson's, the Hotel enjoyed success under the stewardship of J. Arthur Cadorette who bought the property in April of 1922. Soon thereafter, the freezer came into existence and there was no more need for the “ice reserve”that was located in the back garden. This building was then transformed into a blacksmith's shop to accommodate the hotel guests as well as the local population. The blacksmith is in operation to this day.

1944-1964 ~ Brome Lake Hotel

Following the Cadorette's, the Brome Lake Hotel enjoyed success under the stewardship of the Loubier family.

1964-1966 ~ The Stagecoach Inn
1966-1997 ~ Auberge du Relais

In the early 1970s, Sophie and Maurice Proteau took the reins of the hotel re-naming it Auberge du Relais. Affectionately known by the local population as the Knowlton Steak House because of the excellent and extensive steak menu offered by the Proteaus, the reputation of Le Relais was second to none.

1997-.... ~ Auberge Knowlton

In the years following the Proteaus' tenure, the hotel fell on hard times, passing from owner to owner until 1997 when new owners, Michel Gabereau and Signy Stephenson undertook extensive renovations to save the historic building from the wrecker's ball. Re-named Auberge Knowlton, the hotel now houses a restaurant/bar called Le Relais and two boutiques on the first two floors. Twelve beautifully decorated, antique-furnished rooms offering all the modern amenities one would expect from a first class hotel are now open on the upper two floors.

Since the year 2000, Knowlton is again able to boast a premier hotel in the center of town.

Auberge Knowlton, 286 Knowlton Road, Knowlton (Lac Brome), Quebec, J0E 1V0
Tel: 450-242-6886 - E-Mail:
GPS Coordinates: N 045° 12.995, W 72° 30.644